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Asif Anwar is a Search, Social, & Internet Marketing Consultant/Specialist working in Bangladesh (In Indian Subcontinent aka South Asia).

Professionally consulting and helping small businesses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2003 and actively learning about Search Marketing trends from 2001. Passionate about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Pay Per Click (PPC).

Working as SEM Account Manager of Blueliner Marketing, LLC. for various Web Marketing Solutions for small companies as well as large brands.

Mad SEO tweeter, SEO Trainer, and Small Business Marketing Strategy Consultant in the weekends.

Wed Apr 8
Mon Apr 6

5 P’s to Generate Copywriting Ideas and Presenting a Webpage

If you provide any product and/or service, then you need to present yourself on the webpage. To get your business online, you have to copywrite your contents and make a good presentation. Now, what will you write?

5 P's for Copywriting Ideas

Here are 5 P’s that you need to consider while preparing your contents or presentation, which as well can be used for a good web brochure or even hardcopy of corporate identity (brochure).


You need to have a great introduction before you start the conversation. Use hook words to attract the reader to go through rest of the contents in your webpage. This can be either through words/contents, images, or any other web resources.


Always remember that there are quick visitors that will stay for few seconds and never will go through all of your contents. I guess this type of visitors is the major part of your traffic. So, you always need something that speaks more than thousand words. It can be any Presentation in flash or any other animated format that speaks louder, especially communicates quicker than words/contents.


When you are offering service or product, always mention what are your principles. i.e. what quality guidelines you follow. If a visitor is reading more of your contents, then s/he would also like to know how good you are at this service and/or products you are offering. And a mention of your principles is a very good start.


The customer may also want to know how you manufacture or do the work. This portion can also include the tools you use. If you fear that the customer may have lack of confidence on you, then you should mention them. Mentioning your processes can also attract other large companies through your website, since they want to see if you can do it right.


The visitor also would be interested in what experience you have gained earlier. And what type of similar task you do. This doesn’t have to be past work, it can be a demo also.

These 5 P’s will help you to develop ideas for copywriting for your website.

Mon Mar 16

How to identify the CMS Used in a Website

I was having trouble with identifying the Content Management System (CMS) used in a website. And couldn’t find any article on the web that can help me do that. So, I invented my own method to look for publicly accessible default user or admin login page for each CMS.

Since each Content Management System (CMS) has different default location for user login or admin panel (dashboard), you can look for these locations to find out what type of CMS the site is using. And if any of the default location shows login page, not 404 error page, then you have got the CMS.

Identify the type of CMS in a website

One thing you have to watch for, is the actual location the site is using the CMS. Often site owners don’t use the CMS in Root (/) directory of the site. e.g. for blogs, they may use another /blog/ folder or virtuemart users may use /store/ folder.

Follow these specific guidelines for identifying CMS of an website:

Identify WordPress Sites

How would you know if the site uses WordPress. Simple, go to location that looks like these: or

If you are not using Permalinks, then you might use these links: or

If you see a loging page asking for User ID and Password, then the site/blog or the blog portion of the site is build with WordPress.

Identify Joomla Sites

The default location for Joomla admin panel looks like this:

These administrator pages are publicly accesible. So if you can see them, then the site is using Joomla. If joomla is used as CMS of the site, then you can access them even if you use Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs.

But, the problem is, now a days many CMSes use the /administrator/ URL after the domain as their Admin Panel Login page. But, as you go to that page, you might see the Joomla logo on the Admin Panel login page, unless the webmaster changes it. 

Identify Drupal Sites

Drupal Dashboard is located usually in: or

But, things can change if you are using Search Engine Friendly URLs in Drupal using Mod_Rewrite. The usual location for the Drupal Dashboard, when the SEF URL is used, is: or

If you can see the login page, you have your CMS. But, this can be tricky. Please read through to know why.

Identify Magento Ecommerce Site

Magento sites also use URL as the default admin panel log in page. But, there is a patten. The template you use in Magento is called skin. So, if you see location of the resources of the site starts with:, then it is a Magento Site.

Update: Wappalyzer

These are methods you can try. But, you can automate it through Wappalyzer FireFox Addon. It can track the type of CMS or Application used on site.

Sat Mar 14

Turn Twitter Search Into Business Lead Bulletin Board

Searching Leads in Twitter

Click the image to land in Real Time Lead hunt in Twitter Search

Twitter search has proven its worth in providing you real time news by people around the globe. But, do you know that you can use twitter search for hunting business leads in your niche?

Twitter search will shows the leads that people are talking about in real time. All you have to do is search for common keywords used for leads, e.g. Need, “Looking For”, “searching for”, and other keywords you can think of as common words that people use for leads. Make sure you use OR in between them, so that search results show from tweets that contain any one of the keywords.

Then use your business keyword. e.g. if you are a Web Designer, then use “web design” OR “web designer”. This will show you a lot of business leads people are talking about in twitter in your line of business.

The searches also generate RSS feeds, maybe putting the feed in your RSS Reader or lead hunt software will be very valuable for you.

Update: Now you can save search and see it on your Twitter Timeline. You can find the search box below the right column. After searching there, you’ll find “Save this search” button on the top of the results. Quite handy.

Sun Feb 15
Sat Feb 14

Rel=“Canonical” URL Tag Introduced by Google, Yahoo, and Live

Like rel=”nofollow” URL tag, a new rel Tag (canonical) has been introduced and currently being supported by major search engine to tell the search engines that the specific URL is the duplicate.

<link rel="canonical" href="">

This tag makes the webmasters free from relying with server end 301 redirect management, since this URL tag will be work as same as 301 redirects. And this can help retain the Authority of the home or any other page by disregarding pages that support session IDs, affiliate versions, printed, pdf versions, etc. that create duplicates of the original page.

More FAQ on this is on SEOMoz.

SEOmoz | Canonical URL Tag - The Most Important Advancement in SEO Practices Since Sitemaps

See what Matt Cutts, the Web Spam Head in Google has to say about it:

Absolute URLs in Internal Links can Hurt your Ranking in Google

Recently, one of the sites I was working on, had a great fall in ranking in Google. Me, along with the owner have revised the site and was blaming it for over optimization, since I have also used link titles (<a href=”index.html” title=”“>) for every links.

But I have many sites that are performing well with the link titles. So, I can’t blame it on the link titles. But, I also changed the Relative URLs (<a href=”index.html” title=”“>) to Absolute URLs (<a href=”jttp://” title=”“>).

The major reason to use Absolute URL is because of the suggestion that many SEOs are providing to fight content forgery by scrappers. It creates problems for them to steal your contents. And if they do that, you can also get links from their site.

But, after implementing this trick on 2 sites, both sites’ rank fell rapidly. When, I changed the Absolute URLs of one site to Relative URLs, the rank started rising.

Now, here are my analysis and thought about this:

  • When Google finds a link with http:// prefix, it thinks it is an external link and most of the page may seem like floating pages
  • In recent studies on “Site Authority”, many SEOs refer that internal pages create the authority for the site. So, if Google treat them as external link, then the Authority Link Juice can’t get transferred to the main site
  • Google bot generally goes through sites and find their internal pages first and record links with http:// prefix for later crawling. So, absolute URLs can slow down the crawling process.

Disclaimer: I still need to update the 2nd site to blame it on the Absolute URLs. But, any comment here may differ with other SEO professionals experiencing other things.

Thu Feb 12

Find Twitter Elites - Search for Social Media Influencers (High Value Users) in Twitter

Twitter GraderTwitter Grader is an online service that scores your Twitter activity, network activity, tweeting activity in a complex algorithm and finally gives you a score. Based on this score, they also rank your profile in various prefix listing, customizable search listing, and online tools.

Global Twitter Elite List

Twitter Grader provides couple of prefixed list of Twitter Elites that have ranked high in various categories. They are categorized into:

  • Top Users: The list of top 100 people that are globally top scorers and the most influential tweeters in the world.
  • Top Women: List of top 100 most infleuncial ladies in Twittersphere.
  • Top Brands: List of top 100 brands that have scored high.
  • Top Cities: List of top 100 cities, ranked according to the number of users in the city.

Top Users and Top Women List is very useful when you are planning for global social media campaign with big budgets. Especially if you want to target a large volume of people globally.

Top Brands List helps you to track the top brands that are very active in twitter. If you are not one of the top 100, then this list is just a bulletin for you. But, if you are in, then this is the playground you should keep your eyes on. If you are not in the list, you still use it for research on who to make strategic partnership with.

If you are targeting globally, but want to proceed by targeting cities or countries one by one, then the Top Cities List is very helpful.

Find Twitter Elites and Influencers in Your Location

Along with global Twitter Elites, Twitter Grader also shows Twitter Influencers within your city, state, and country or the location you want to see. Here are the link for my city, state, and country:

Top Tweeters in Dhaka City:

Top Tweeters in Dhaka as State:

Top Tweeters in Bangladesh:

If you visit your profile in Twitter Grader, then you will be able to see your location with clickbale links. If you click the links, then you can see the top 100 tweeters list from your city, state, and country. But, if you want to see the top 100 twitter users in a specific location, then your have to use the following link:

Location Search:

It is quite useful when you want to know who are the most influential within your city, state or country. If your Social Media Marketing Campaign is based on specific country, then this list can help you a lot.

Who Tweets You - List of Most Influential Fans

Twitter Grader is also providing the tool to see the most influential fans aka loyal influencers of you or your brand. This is just a recreation of your twitter mentions, but sorted according to influencing power.

Who Tweets You Tool:

If you have any loyalty marketing campaign and want to reward only the top influencers, then this list is very helpful.

Who Tweets Your Competitors

Again, for the “Who Tweets You” Tool, it does not mean that it always have to be you. It also can be your competitors. You can spy on the most influential fans of your competitors and redirect them to your brand before your competitor does. Just put in the twitter ID of your competitor in the tool.

Search Twitter Elite in Your Niche

To me, this is the most powerful tool for Social Media Marketers that helps you to find the most influential tweeters in your niche by allowing you to search with keywords they tweet. For Social Media Marketing (SMM), the keywords can be:

  • Industry Keywords: If you want to see the most influential tweeters from specific industry, then use industry-based keywords, e.g. SEO, PPC, Internet Marketing, Textile, Graphic Design, etc. If you search SEO in the tool, it will show you the top 100 most influential persons tweeting about SEO.
  • Brand Keywords: If you own specific brands, you can use these as keywords to search for influential fans of your products.
  • Competitor Keywords: If you want to see the most influencing tweeters tweeting the keywords and brands of your competitors, then this is the best tool.
  • Horizontals & Verticals Keywords: You can also search 1. Keywords that are related to your industry or indirectly competitive (Horizontals) - e.g. Tea & Coffee or 2. Keywords that are not directly related to your industry but complementary (Verticals) - e.g. Tea & Sugar. This search can be useful to find major social media influencers if you are planning for business development or startup.
  • Lead Hunting Keywords: I have previously blogged about how you can turn Twitter Search into Lead Hunting Bulletin Board. The problem with twitter search tool is that you only see relevant leads sorted according to recency. But, what if you wanted to see the result according to the quality of the tweeter (the person), then this could give you better insights on who to give priority while targeting for lead generation. Try this search: “looking for” Your-Major-Keyword.

Twitter Grader Search Tool:

Find Niche Twitter Elites

The Twitter Grader Tool can help you in a lot of ways to find the most influential Twitter users and make your Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign more smart.

Thu Feb 5

Ranking the Quality of a Blog … Continues with Jason Alba

Jason Alba, CEO, Author, Speaker suggested some updates about ranking in LinkedIn Bloggers Group. I am delighted to highlight them here:

Jason Alba: comments - are there ANY comments?  Many blogs don’t have any, so getting comments consistently is a good sign.

Asif Anwar: That is also related to traffic. But, traffic that is driven to get involved with the blog. This is also good to determine stickiness of the blog. This is also true for trackbacks it receives.

Jason Alba: content - is the content well-written or does it look scrappy, too long, or rambling?

Asif Anwar: Well, judging many blogs for their contents is a tough job. But, I also believe on what you said. I think this is not a good measure to rank. Because, a blog is either a good blog or a splog. So, judging content quality manually, for ranking many blogs would be a waste of time, since there are many blogs out there with good contents. And I want to rank only the good blogs.

Jason Alba: Frequency of posts - does the blogger post at least once a week?  At least three times a week?  If there are weeks with gaps, that’s not a good sign.

Asif Anwar: Yes, that also can be a good indicator. But, if we turn back to quality contents, then it takes much time to post a researched content, while regular statements are easy to post. So, I would not go for this as a big factor for ranking. Just, think of your favorite actor who stars in a movie after long time, but makes hit films. It doesn’t mean that your actor is inferior than others who stars in movies frequently.

Jason Alba: google ads - if there are TOO many ads, which imo is usually more than one section of the blog, I feel the blogger doesn’t understand community and conversation and value add and instead goes for “w00t!  I’m going to make 5 cents!”

Asif Anwar: I fully agree on this.

Jason Alba: widgets - if there are too many widgets I’m assuming they don’t get it.  Widgets, in general, add to the noise on your blog, and noise is the last thing you want to introduce on your own property.

Asif Anwar: It’s sometimes smart to have widgets in your Web 1.0 site to represent Web 2.0 functionality. Having a Web 2.0 site for yourself can be costly. I always support simplicity, but wouldn’t blame on widgets.

Update: This is a continuation of the post I mentioned in: Ranking the Quality of a Blog

Ranking the Quality of a Blog

Finding quality blogs is not a problem. However, ranking them is.

Ranking the Quality of a Blog

So I did a little research and found these facts:

  • I liked the Technorati Authority score that says how much a blog or site is talked about in other blogs in past 180 days. Technorati Authority score of 1234 means, within last 180 days, this blog had earned 1234 links from other blog. So, as the time goes by, the score also changes. So, this algo is totally about conversions on other blogs, not about traffic.
  • While, Alexa rank is purely based on Traffic or Hits on a site or blog.
  • Google PageRank is also another factor for blog quality. But, it depends on the all time Link Popularity of a site or blog. But, it does not show the recent popularity, like technoratti does.
  • Another good way to Rank a blog post in Google Reader is through PostRank (Previous AideRSS) that includes Rank of Posts by Engagement (Details about ranking is here: In Twitter, @aiderss confirmed me that you can also see the rank of blogs’ engagement level in Google Reader Folder view.

Update: A new blog has been updated based on the topic discussed here, please click the link: Ranking the Quality of a Blog … Continues with Jason Alba